Lisa Jie Sam Foek

Contract & Privacy lawyer

Contract lawyer

Lisa Jie Sam Foek is a contract lawyer in the Netherlands specialized in contract law and privacy law.

Lisa became a lawyer in 2011 and is one of the founders of Fennek Advocaten.

In 2016 Lisa successfully completed the post graduate specialization course “National and international Contract” (in Dutch: “Nationaal en internationaal contracteren”) at the Grotius Academy of the University of Nijmegen.

As lawyer she advises and litigates a lot in connection with contract law, including international contract law.

She mainly focusses on preparing, negotiating, closing or/and ending of:

  • contracts for (overeenkomsten van opdracht)
  • agency (mainly termination of agency)
  • distribution agreements
  • mediation/broker agreements (including agreements with brokers)
  • purchase and sale of products
  • cooperation agreements, including international joint ventures
  • loan agreements
  • collateral agreements
  • settlement agreements
  • contract negotiations.

In the area of ​​financial law she treats cases about the duty of banks.

Lisa is a lawyer who liked to litigate.

She is very passionate and she will not step away from complex legal problems.

At the same time she will not lose sight of the importance of a settlement.

Lisa’s motivation lies in resolving a legal matter quickly and pragmatic. Sometimes a procedure is necessary, other times a settlement is sufficient.

Lisa speaks both English and Dutch fluent and has knowledge of the German and French language.

Privacy lawyer

From May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) applies. The arrival of the AVG has many consequences for companies which process personal data. The AVG has high fines for non-compliance. Therefor it is very important to examine if a company is “AVG proof”.

As privacy lawyer Lisa has knowledge of developments in the field of privacy law. She focuses on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and everything related to it. She advises on the impact of the AVG and what actions should be taken.

She also gives workshops in which she practically explains what the privacy changes are for an organization with the arrival of the AVG.

Lisa has extensive experience in drafting:

  • processors agreements
  • privacy policy
  • data breach policy
  • cookie policy
  • privacy policy
  • cooperation agreements regarding data privacy

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