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Lawyer employment law

Eva is a specialized Dutch employment lawyer in The Netherlands with 20 years of experience.
She advises and litigates on a wide range of employment law in the Netherlands.

In doing so, Eva particularly focuses on:

  • employment termination agreements
  • severance packages
  • transition fees and reasonable employment termination fees
  • dismissal of expats
  • reviewing, drafting and negotiating employment agreements under Dutch law
  • 30% tax rulings
  • employment litigation at the UWV (Dutch governmental instance)
  • employment litigation before the Courts in the Netherlands
  • preliminary hearings on enforceability of non-compete clauses in employment contracts
  • change of employment conditions under Dutch law
  • dismissal of statutory directors under the articles of association under Dutch law
  • wrongful termination of employment and discharge litigation
  • incapacity for work and compensation claims
  • employment conditions
  • payment during sickness under employment law in the Netherlands
  • non performance issues and PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) guidance
  • redundancies and reorganization programs, drafting of Social Plans
  • negotiating and reaching agreements with with trade unions and works councils
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements in the Netherlands
  • employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions, business transfers and reorganizations
  • conducting pre-merger due diligence of employment contracts under Dutch law, coordinating (national and cross-border) restructuring and relocating of employees, and harmonizing post-merger and acquisition employment issues

Eva successfully completed a number of post graduate programs in Dutch employment law from the Grotius Academy of the University of Nijmegen and the VU Law Academy of the Free University of Amsterdam.

Eva is a member of a number of professional associations of employment lawyers in the Netherlands, and also of foreign (international) associations.

Eva is a Dutch native speaker, and speaks English fluently.

Financial and litigation lawyer

Jasper Hagers has a broad interest and is specialized in financial law and litigation.

Jasper has a varied litigation practice and has in depth knowledge of financial law. His practice focuses on Dutch civil and financial law.

Jasper is Dutch native speaker and speaks English fluently.

Contract and litigation lawyer

Lisa Jie Sam Foek is a lawyer in contract law and privacy law.

Lisa is one of the founders of Fennek Advocaten.

Lisa was sworn in as a lawyer in 2011.

In 2016 Lisa completed the postgraduate specialization course “National and International Contracting” cum laude at the Grotius Academy of the University of Nijmegen.

As a lawyer, Lisa advises and litigates a lot in the field of contract law, including international contract law.

She focuses, for example, on (including preparing, negotiating, concluding, breaking down or otherwise terminating):

– contracts of assignment

-agency (and that again with emphasis on termination of agency)

-distribution agreements

-brokerage agreements (including agreements with brokers)

-buying and selling of products

-cooperation agreements, including international joint ventures

-loan agreements, including loan and loan

-security agreements (pledge, mortgage, suretyship, joint and several liability, guarantee)

-settlement agreements

-contract negotiations.

Lisa also advises and litigates as a lawyer in contract law on financial law, often acting against banks.

In the field of financial law, she handles matters including banks’ duty of care (for example, interest rate swaps and investment advice).

Lisa is a lawyer who likes to litigate.
She is very passionate and does not shy away from complex legal problems.

At the same time, she will not lose sight of the importance of a settlement.

Lisa’s motivation is to resolve a legal issue quickly and pragmatically. Sometimes a procedure is required, other times a settlement is sufficient.

Lisa is fluent in English and Dutch.
She also has knowledge of the French and German languages.

Privacy lawyer

From May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply. The arrival of the GDPR has many consequences for companies that process personal data. The GDPR has heavy fines for non-compliance. It is therefore very important to check carefully whether a company is “GDPR proof”.

As a privacy lawyer, Lisa has knowledge of developments in the field of privacy legislation. She focuses on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and everything related to it. She advises on the consequences of the GDPR and which measures must be taken to achieve this.

She also gives workshops in which it is practically explained which privacy changes entail for an organization due to the arrival of the GDPR.

Lisa has extensive experience in drafting:

processor agreements
privacy policy
data breach policy
cookie policy
privacy conditions
cooperation agreements with regard to the handling of privacy data, etc.