The lawyers of Fennek LLP advise and litigate on various areas of financial law.

This could for instance be the need for help of an entrepreneur since he is struggling with a legal problem regarding an application for financing or the termination of it, but also, in terms of setting up a start-up, the application of a permit from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets the (AFM) or the Dutch Bank (de Nederlandsche Bank). A lot of  referrals from entrepreneurs  relate to the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act (Wwft).

We have lots of experience and knowledge of administrative enforcement, one can think of inspections of the AFM and DNB, administrative sanctions such as fines, orders for incremental penalty payments and instructions. We also litigate in court, these legal proceedings involve the duty of care for banks, duped investors, fraud cases, termination of client credit relationship and procedures regarding cryptocurrencies.

Jasper Hagers is specialized in financial law. His main practice areas include inter alia:

  • procedures to release multiple complex attachments;
  • summary proceedings in disputes between entrepreneurs;
  • proceedings against a bank in respect of a hedge fund, investment advice and asset management;
  • proceedings against banks regarding advice on interest swaps or interest derivatives;
  • proceedings against the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) regarding pension fund;
  • proceedings against the Financial Markets Authority (Dutch: AFM) for access to information;
  • issuing seizure orders;
  • filing permit applications for investment firms;
  • offering assistance on the given instruction by the AFM;
  • advising on the enforcement policy of the AFM;


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