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AVG; protection of personal data

On may 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (Dutch: AVG) came into force. As a result, the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Dutch: Nederlandse Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens) lost its legal effect and since then the same uniform privacy legislation applies throughout the European Union. The GDPR brought many changes and therefore entails major consequences for companies and organizations that process personal data. It is important for them that they meet the requirements as laid down in the GDPR.

Privacy statement, GDPR processing agreement, data breach policy

The lawyers of Fennek have knowledge of all the developments in the field of privacy legislation and the implementation of the new GDPR. We offer help with:

Preparing and assessing documents, such as:

– Privacy statements, privacy policies and processing agreements;

– Drafting data breach policies and advising on what to do in the even of such a data breach.

– Providing legal assistance in proceedings against organizations that process personal data, for example in the event that the Dutch Data Protection Authority takes enforcement actions or if your organization is approached by data subjects whose personal data you process.

– Advising on complex agreements or transitions in which personal data play a role. For example, cooperation agreements between institutions that exchange personal data.

– Advising on regulations regarding direct marketing and newsletters.

Privacy lawyer, Amsterdam

Our lawyers are aware of the changes of the GDPR might have for your company. If you experience any trouble related to privacy legislation in general, the privacy lawyers of Fennek are pleased to help you. Are you in need of any legal advice regarding privacy law? Please contact mr. Lisa Jie Sam Foek, lawyer specialized in privacy law.