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Employment lawyer in the Netherlands

As an employment lawyer in the Netherlands, my expertise benefits both employers and employees, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the issues they face.

By representing both parties in my practice, I develop a thorough understanding of their concerns. Additionally, my client-focused approach emphasizes strategic legal counsel and cost-effectiveness. Consequently, costs and benefits are carefully considered during negotiations and litigation.

Having co-founded Fennek Advocaten with pride, I possess over 20 years of Dutch employment law experience. Moreover, active membership in professional associations and the Dutch Bar Association keeps me connected to the field.

Not only do I regularly speak and publish on employment law topics, but I also actively contribute to conferences and articles on Dutch employment law, enriching my knowledge base. In 2023, the Dutch Law Institute invited me to write English articles on Dutch employment law.

Lawyer specialized in Dutch employment law

My specialization encompasses various Dutch employment law matters, ranging from drafting settlement agreements to navigating dismissal procedures and obtaining dismissal permits from the UWV.

Furthermore, I am skilled in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, handling disciplinary actions, managing overtime, and overseeing vacation and leave policies.

I provide legal guidance on performance improvement plans, dysfunctional employee procedures, and changes in employment conditions. Simultaneously, I address issues related to illness, disability, and salary cessation or suspension.

With experience in severance, transition compensation, equitable reimbursement, and various clauses, I offer comprehensive support.
Additionally, I am knowledgeable in director dismissals, business reorganizations, and company takeovers.

My focus as an employment lawyer in the Netherlands

My focus areas as an employment lawyer in the Netherlands include:

Discrimination in Dutch law: Ensuring fair treatment representation for employees experiencing discrimination and employers facing claims.

Termination of employment under Dutch employment law: Advising on ending employment relationships and defending against wrongful termination claims.

Workplace harassment in the Netherlands: Tackling harassment or hostile work environment cases for both employees and employers.

Collective bargaining under Dutch labour law: Facilitating negotiations between employers and labour unions while advocating for employees’ rights.

Workplace safety in the Netherlands: Promoting compliance with regulations and guidelines for both employers and employees.

Workers’ compensation under employment law in the Netherlands: Providing guidance on claims and disputes related to work-related injuries and illnesses.

Retaliation claims under Dutch law: Addressing claims against employees and defending employers against unfounded retaliation claims.

Unemployment benefits in the Netherlands: Supporting clients with eligibility, claims, and disputes related to unemployment compensation.

Wrongful termination under employment law in the Netherlands: Representing unlawfully terminated clients and defending employers against claims.

Employee benefits in the Netherlands: Offering legal advice on employee benefits packages for both employers and employees.

Mediation in employment disputes under Dutch law: Resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation.

Contributing to the legal community

In addition to my legal expertise, I actively contribute to the legal community by participating in conferences, writing articles, and engaging in professional development.

This involvement allows me to stay informed on the latest developments in employment law, thus ensuring that my clients receive the most up-to-date and effective representation.

My experience spans a wide range of Dutch employment law matters. This enables me to offer comprehensive legal support to both employers and employees.
By taking a balanced approach, I can effectively represent my clients in negotiations, dispute resolution, and litigation while ensuring that their rights and interests are protected.

English-speaking employment lawyer in the Netherlands

Fluency in English and Dutch is complemented by working knowledge of German and French.


In conclusion; I am a dedicated English-speaking employment lawyer in the Netherlands.
My ultimate goal as a Dutch employment lawyer is to help my Dutch and international clients navigate the complexities of employment law with confidence.
By providing expert guidance and representation to my clients, I strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for them in every situation.

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