Civil procedural law

The Dutch procedural law includes all kinds of rules with regard to conducting legal proceedings in judicial matters, as well as in arbitration matters. Procedural law and its additional strategic choices are an important part of the procedure.

Subdistrict Court or court

It depends on the nature and financial importance of the specific case which judge has jurisdiction to hear a dispute. The Subdistrict Court handles disputes regarding monetary claims up to €25.000 including all labor law disputes, rent disputes and disputes regarding consumer purchase. Other disputes must be brought before a court. A major difference between legal proceedings before a subdistrict court and a court is that representation by a lawyer is not compulsory at subdistrict courts. Representation of a lawyer in court proceedings is always required.

National and international litigation

Fennek’s lawyers assist you in national and international litigation and procedural law. We can support you in the following procedures:

– Court proceedings before subdistrict courts, courts and tribunals;

– In proceedings on the merits;

– In summary proceedings;

– In appeal proceedings;

– In arbitration proceedings;

– Procedures at the Financial Services Complaints Institute;

– Provisional witness hearings;

– Seizures and summary proceedings concerning lifting an arrest;

– Proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber in Amsterdam.

– Disciplinary procedures, including those at the “College van Beroep voor Bedrijfsleven”

– Execution disputes: disputes about attachment.

Amsterdam litigation lawyer

Fennek’s laywers have years of experience with various procedures pending in the Netherlands or somewhere abroad. Fennek’s litigation lawyers in Amsterdam have experience with and knowledge of all kinds of proceedings as mentioned above.

Do you have a dispute? We are here to help you out. Please feel free to contact our litigation lawyers in Amsterdam, mr. Jasper Hagers or mr. Lisa Jie Sam Foek.