Lawyers specialized in agreements and contract law

A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that requires acting, delivering or omitting. Agreements can be concluded both verbally and written. Illustrations of contracts are: cooperation agreements, agency agreements, purchase agreements and employment agreements. Often general terms and conditions apply to those agreements. For its usability those terms and conditions need to be declared applicable and to be handed over.

Have a contract drawn up by a lawyer

For a contract of great importance it is highly recommended to have it drawn up by a lawyer. This is useful since the agreements need to be established and the consequences of breaching these agreements need to be clear in advance. A lawyer specialized in the general law of obligations can be of great use. The lawyers of Fennek are specialized in contract law and can set up an agreement of your choice.

Dissolving a contract by a lawyer

When a contracting party doesn’t meet its part of the agreement, the other contracting party often wants to dissolve the contract. This can be done under certain circumstances. Rescission can be achieved both in joint consultation and in court. In the event that parties jointly decide to dissolve the contract, the termination agreements should be assessed in a written settlement agreement.

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In principle parties have the freedom to agree and conclude everything they want, this refers to the principle of “freedom of contract”. In certain cases exceptions occur, such as the preposition that a contract should not conflict with the principles of reasonableness and fairness or public decency. Unlike contracts between entrepreneurs, more limitations apply concerning contracts with consumers. Therefore, it is important having a contract drawn up by a lawyer as to guarantee that it is in accordance with the applicable law and case law. Our  contract lawyer in Amsterdam Lisa Jie Sam Foek is specialized in contract law and is pleased to help you (