Dutch lawyer in the Netherlands

Dutch Lawyer in the Netherlands

As a Dutch Lawyer in the Netherlands Jasper Hagers (and all of the lawyers of Fennek advocaten) is (are) registered by the National Register of Lawyers (in Dutch: landelijk tableau van advocaten) kept by the Bar association (in Dutch: Nederlandse orde van advocaten). All lawyers of Fennek Advocatem are registered with Netherlands Bar and the Bar of Amsterdam.

Dutch Lawyer in the Netherlands

To become a lawyer in the Netherlands one must complete a Master of Law at a Dutch University. One must subsequently follow the three-year Professional Eduction Programme for the legal profession. A beginning lawyer also is required to work under the supervision of an experienced lawyer (a principal, in dutch: patroon).

A lawyer is required to follow continous training and education on a yearly basis. All lawyers are registered on legal  practice areas. I am a Dutch lawyer since 2007 and registered since.

Lawyer litigation in the Netherlands

As a registered lawyer I (Jasper Hagers) am allowed (and have) to litigate (litigated) in every court in the Netherlands. As a Dutch Lawyer I have significant experience in dispute resolution, ligitation, commercial litigation, and financial disputes. Representing clients before the court and High Court. Most of the court cases are publiced on the website www.rechtspraak.nl; of course an overview of relevant cases and experience (of course respecting the professional secrecy) can be provided.

Dispute resolution by Dutch Lawyer

Although litigation is a big part of my work, as a Dutch Lawyer I also try to find out-of-court settlement, if possible. The code of conduct states (article 5): The advocate should keep in mind that an amicable solution is often preferable to a lawsuit.

Of course, in general the interest of the client is better served by a quick and fair solution. Often after a letter of demand and exchanging of arguments, parties come to a settlement. Sometimes, an independent judgement is required.

Require a Dutch Lawyer?

I am always willing to take a look at your case.

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