Fines because of alleged violation of the privacy rules: be aware!

Fines because of the violation of privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been applicable since 25 May 2018. The GDPR applies throughout the European Union (EU). The Personal Data Protection Act is no longer in force.

Fines under the GDPR

Pursuant to the GDPR, organizations that process personal data have been given several obligations. For example, organizations must be able to demonstrate that they comply with the law (accountability). Moreover, even more emphasis is placed on compliance because fines of € 10 million (2% of global annual turnover) or € 20 million (4% of global annual turnover) can be imposed under the GDPR.

It is therefore very important to comply with the rules of the GDPR.

First fine imposed by AP

The first fine was imposed by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP). The Haga hospital has been fined EUR 460,000 for poor internal security of patient records.

This fine isn’t as bad as feared. After all, the AP can impose millions of fines.

Lawyer fines privacy

If you wish to make your organizations GDPR-proof or if you are confronted with fines imposed by the Dutch Data Protection Authority, please feel free to contact privacy fines lawyer, Lisa Jie Sam Foek.