Jasper Hagers

Financial lawyer

Litigation lawyer

Jasper is a Dutch litigation and financial lawyer, specialized in litigation, financial and corporate law.

Jasper is one of the founders of Fennek Advocaten, and became a lawyer in 2007.

As lawyer and confidant he advises and litigates in connection with financial law and other legal areas.

Strategic thinking and trying to solve the problem quickly and effectively with creativity; that is his passion.

Sometimes litigation is the best solution, but other problems require assistance in the background. Cunning and perceptive.

In 2010 Jasper successfully completed the post graduate specialization course in Dutch financial Law (in Dutch: “Effectenrecht”) at the Grotius Academy of the University of Nijmegen.

Jasper has a good working relationship with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), and can give high-quality advice and support concerning a range of regulatory issues and other matters concerning the Financial Supervision Act. Furthermore he is involved in several complex procedures.

An overview of several procedures where Jasper was involved can be found on www.rechtspraak.nl.

His main practice areas include:

  • procedures to release complex attachments.
  • summary proceedings in disputes between traders;
  • proceedings against a bank in respect of a hedge fund, investment advisory and asset management;
  • proceedings against banks regarding advice swap / interest rate derivative;
  • proceedings against the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) regarding pension fund;
  • proceedings against the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) for access to information;
  • seize;
  • authorization for investment firms;
  • assistance with instruction given by the AFM;
  • advising on enforcement by the AFM.

Jasper speaks both English and Dutch and has knowledge of the German language.

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