Lawyers specialized in settlement agreements

A settlement agreement

If two or more parties have a dispute and the parties resolve that dispute by means of an arrangement, that arrangement can be laid down in writing and is called a settlement agreement. The figure of the settlement agreement is bound by the rules of law.

Having the settlement agreement drawn up by a lawyer

Parties can enter into a settlement agreement to terminate a dispute. The amicable settlement agreed between the parties can then be laid down in a settlement agreement. Many settlement agreements are concluded after settlement negotiations. This can be done out of court, but also in legal proceedings. For example, when a hearing takes place and an arrangement is reached before court, the judge can establish that arrangement. It is also possible that during a hearing the judge reveals his/her thoughts so that the parties know roughly what outcome would be probably seen as fair. This can often lead to negotiations after a session and eventually to reach an amicable settlement. Such a settlement can save time and further legal costs.

Violation of a settlement agreement

If a party fails to meet the agreed obligations from the settlement agreement, the other contracting party is in principle authorized to dissolve the settlement agreement, in whole or in part. If the contracting party has a greater interest in complying with the agreements as laid down in the settlement agreement, compliance can be claimed in court.

Lawyer specialized in settlement agreements

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