Lawyer specialized in breach of contract

Lawyer Amsterdam specialized in breach of contract

If a party fails to comply with its commitments under an agreement, it is a matter of default. In that case, the other party can claim fulfillment of the agreement, but can also claim compensation for the damage he or she suffers as a result of the breach. Another option is to terminate the agreement due to default. In that case, there must be a breach of contract of such a nature that that breach justifies termination of the agreement. An agreement can also be partially dissolved. Think of the sale and delivery of a property and the land appears to be contaminated. Then the purchase agreement can be partially dissolved, in the sense that the purchase price will be reduced by the partial dissolution and the purchase agreement will remain in effect for the rest. Fennek Lawyers can assist you in drawing up contracts or conducting legal proceedings. In urgent cases, fulfillment can also be claimed in summary proceedings or (partial) dissolution in a substantive procedure.